Types Of Wheels


Wheel is a circular component associated with an axle bearing for rotation. Axles associated with wheels allow heavy objects to be moved easily which facilitates transportation, heavy load movement.

When we think of wheels, the first picture that comes to our mind is vehicles. Size and type of the wheel varies with different vehicles. There are different wheels used for different cars. Most common type are alloy wheels as used in Mercedes alloy wheels and can be found in variety of other vehicles.Wheels are the most important part of a vehicle. People these days are crazy about having high quality wheels.

People are trying out polishing, colouring of rims to give wheels a fancy look. Wheels are not just restricted to showrooms or shops but are available online also. You might have come across some ads showing holden wheels for sale or bmw wheels on sales or many other such ads. When you just click on such ads, you will be landed to a page where you can find different such products with great customer support and service too.

Types of wheels

  • Disc wheel
  • Consists of a steel rim and a pressed steel disc.
  • The rim is welded to the flange of the disc.
  • The wheel is connected to the brake drum.
  • The hole in the rim consists of a valve tube.
  • Cheap and strong wheels.
  • This type of wheel is used in heavy motor vehicles.
  • Wire wheel
  • Consists of a number of wire spokes with a separate hub connected to the rim.
  • Rims consist of holes for the spokes to be fit and are tightened with tubular nuts, placed at the centre of hub.
  • Alloy wheel
  • Composed of different metals with maximum quantity of aluminium or magnesium.
  • They are lighter in weight.
  • Better when compared to steel wheels in terms of cosmetic appearance and heat conduction.
  • More widely used in cars.
  • Diamond cut or polished wheels
  • These wheels are polished and with a diamond cut.
  • These wheels are catchy with a fancy look.
  • Split rim wheels
  • Consists of small bolts around the rim of the wheel.
  • Refurbishing of these wheels is a lot of work.
  • These are polished with a diamond cut depending on the requirement.

Concluding words

Wheels are the most vital part of a vehicle. Everybody prefers smooth movement when it comes to automobile. Smooth movement can only be achieved by placing proper wheels for that vehicle. Wheels should also be taken care and should be checked for its alignment other related issues for their proper functioning. Type of wheels also matters for proper functioning of a vehicle and for its efficiency.